When James was 20, Kevin was 14

When seamus was 20, kevin was 12 


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"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory"
- Coco Chanel 

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Really hope Dan got some rest this weekend and didn’t have to worry too much about the office while everyone was away. Hopefully two weeks of hazing Dex will make up for last week.
(Hopefully this drawing doesn’t offend anyone. I was trying to things getting back to normal… In a creatures sort of way.)

Thanks, I’m ready for things to be back to normal. I’ve been taking the last few days just relaxing with Liz. Going to the movies, playing video games/board games, talking to my family and just generally ignoring the internet for the most part.
What happened was pretty hard to go through and deal with and I’m glad everyone understood me not attending PAX Prime because of it.
It’s been a good and much deserved break these last few days. I’m excited about the future though. With Dex visiting and Kevin joining the group we’ll only be stronger. And in turn, I’ll be stronger for it. 
I don’t take for granted the position I’m in. I work with friends who I love to death and I get to work at my dream job. I am the luckiest guy around and I’ll never forget it.

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i think im gonna take a break from the creatures tbh its not as thrilling of an experience to watch their videos as it used to be. so if you see me reblogging 2010-2012 creatures you’ll know why

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So I haven’t been able to watch any creatures stuff for the last week and a half, did I miss anything cool?

i think you forgot to tag kevin in your creature tags

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i-dont-shave-my-gooch: You know what, i have the exact opinion of the dex/kevin thing. I dont believe the timing of Dex's inclusion into the creatures was right since they made him one literally like 3 weeks of him on some videos on the hub. I dont like Dex because of many things he has said. With Kevin too he's said some (legally considered) homophobic slurs and that has taken its personal toll on me. But he hasnt said more than Dex and his arrival was very expected, im neutral with Kev too, I tolerate his content



yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u are me

You realize that the creatures knew Dex for a few years prior to them inducting him, right?

Yes I do. Because I knew about him for ears as well. But a majority of the fandom did not know about him until he was brought into videos on the hub, that being said they should give them some time to learn about this guy and take in what he was giving us. At least Kevin played with the majority if not ALL of the Creatures before he was inducted

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I knew I was a little gay when I was ten and I heard the term ‘lady crush’ for the first time and I just remember sitting there like ‘all my crushes are ladies’

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